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Timing belt

have been told it (timing belt) should be change at 100,000. or 8 years. there is nothing in my owner manual.
absoutly nothing about changing that belt.
2007 honda crv 2.4 engine

Your manual lists nothing for this type of maintenance because your engine (luckily!) uses a timing chain, instead of a timing belt. Many car mfrs have begun to move away from timing belts, and Honda is one of them.

I congratulate you on being proactive regarding your vehicle’s maintenance. It’s too bad that so many other people fail to have concerns about maintenance until something expensive happens.

P.S.–Your manual might not list servicing of the transmission either, but this is one item that you do need to do if you have an automatic transmission. Please post back if you want info on what you need to do regarding your transmission!

Yeah I think VDC hit it on the head that engine uses a CHAIN… And all is right and good in the world again. No need to worry about your T belt…cause it doesnt have one

Pleasant Surprise !

Now that you don’t need a timing belt, take a few bucks from the money you saved and go buy yourself something nice ! Also, get your car something, too, maybe some decent floor mats or fuzzy dice.


What does the manual say about valve lash?
If they’re adjustable it should be done every 60k miles.
The manual might say something like “inspect” or “listen for noise” or every 105k.
Not a good idea, IMHO.