Honda timing belt


i have a 2000 honda crv with 78k miles. the owners manual recommends a timing belt replacement about 100k. the local (houston tx) service advisor says because of the heat here i should replace the belt at 80k. short trips, long trips over 1000k once a year. what are the thoughts on replaceing the belt. would this improve milage?.


I think the best rule of thumb is the 100K miles as indicated by Honda, OR 7 years. You are past the seven years, so the dealer is right about replacement, but for what I believe to be the wrong reason (heat, not age of belt). Time does age these belts as much as wear issues.


What Roy said. Git-r-done!

Unless the current belt has slipped a tooth, you won’t see any improvement in fuel economy.


thanks for the response. i hadn`t thought about the age factor. duhhh.


If you look at the Honda maintenance schedule that was provided by the manufacturer (not a maintenance schedule provided by the dealership!), you will see that every service procedure has both an odometer mileage value and an elapsed time value (whichever comes first). On some items, like a timing belt, that elapsed time factor cannot be ignored.

Take some time to review both of these values to be sure that your other service procedures are not late, as is your timing belt replacement. Have that belt replaced yesterday!


Ask around crvs are known for burning exhaust valves and NEED to be adjusted every 30000 miles because they get to tight, even though it only says to inspect at 30000 miles.
It ia a interferance engine so I would change belt, alot cheaper than a new engine