Timing belt tensioner

It is time to replace my timing belt. I am planning on replacing the waterpump at the same time. Should I also replace the timing belt tensioner?

That’s what a professional auto tech would do.


What else would a professional auto tech do?

Not sure every professional would do this…

But look at replacing the drive belts and hoses and thermostat. They probably have to be removed anyways just to get to the timing belt.

What are you working on?

2002 dodge intrepid with 3.5L. with 106,000 miles

What else should be done while having the timing belt replaced.

Water pump?
Serpentine belt?

Do the timing belt tensioner too. If the ball bearing race in it fails, it takes out the belt. Same applies to the serpentine belt tensioner at around 100k miles.

I recently replaced my serpentine belt for the second time at 140k miles. The tensioner ball bearing was rough when turned; I caught it just in time at 140k miles.

Within reasonable cost I’d replace anything that would require timing belt removal in the future. Therefore water pump and definitely the tensioner.

I think you have a hydraulic tensioner on that engine, you’ll need a good vice and locking pin to compress and setup the tensioner prior to re-installation with the new tensioning pulley. A lot of hydraulic tensioners have been replaced with the later mechanical type, if yours is mechanical - replace the spring if you can get it.