Fix it now

The belt will have to be replaced . . . now or later. The price for the belt will be the same . . . except that if you allow it to break, and not replace it beforehand . . . you will have to pay more for the replacement, maybe a lot more. You will be inconvenienced if not put in danger by allowing this to become a safety issue . . . like the belt breaking wile in traffic . . . or in the middle of nowhere . . . or late one night at the mini-mart . . . fix it now. Rocketman

I Hear You! I Am, I Am!

I’m working in the driveway right now. I’m replacing the timing and serpentine belts again, on the old buggy, at 226K. My interval is 105,000. I’m debating water pump, tensioner, and tensioner pulley. Tha’t everything that’s in there. Where do I draw the line at this many miles?

How good is it running?

I replaced the timing belt on my 98 pathfinder along with waterpump and tensioner just 3 months ago. 330k miles. Daughter needs it for 1 more year of college. I figure as long as it’s running good and the body is in good shape…keep it.

214 hp. 215 c.i.d. 27 mpg. Running Strong!

This old 1997 3.5 Dodge Intrepid is running fine. The body is starting to rust (door bottoms a little). I don’t burn any oil between changes.