Timing Belt or Timing Chain?



I think this will be a very simple question for the folks here.

I’m settling into my 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport (3.7 L V6), and getting up to speed on its maintenance requirements.

I’m wondering - does this vehicle have a timing belt or a timing chain? I ask because Wikipedia says the Liberty sport with the 3.7 V6 has a timing chain, but I know the vast majority of cars have belts today.

I figured that you guys are a better source than wikipedia.

So, is it a belt or a chain?


I’d put my money on belt.



Gates timing belt guide shows timing belt for the Liberty 4 cyl, not the V6 you have.


The 2003 3.7 L Jeep engine utilizes a timing chain.



Tester, are you a creator of this site or something? Because you are always on, and answer many of the questions i do…



No. I just like to help people with their car problems/questions if I can. Now if I find someone who provides the wrong information about a problem/question, I’ll chime in.

Remember, misinformation is far worse than no information at all.



If you google " 3.7L Jeep Engine" you will find this information…


I see your point.



3.7L has timing chains. Two of them, I believe.