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2003 Camry 4 cylinder - timing belt or chain

My mom just bought a 2003 Camry with a four cylinder engine. Maintenance records/receipts show a water pump replacement at 102,xxx miles, but no timing belt (on the receipt.) I called the mechanic and he said that that engine has a timing chain.

Anyone KNOW whether it’s a belt or a chain?

The 2003 Camry 2.4 liter engine utilizes a timing chain.


Thanks for the help!

When/why did Toyota switch to a chain? I thought they traditionally used belts.

Has Toyota switched to timing chains om most of their motors… or just this one? When did they do so, and why?

Both Toyota and Honda have switched to chains on their 4-bangers. Neither says why, but I suspect it’s a customer satisfaction issue.

Many Toyota 6 cylinder engines still use timing belts. The 4 cylinder units are mostly timing chain equipped.

Go to Gates Rubber website and you can tell if any car has a timing belt and whether or not the engine will destroy itself (called am interference engine).