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Timing belt on Camry V-6

I replaced the timing belt on a Camry 4 cylinder and now have a 1999 V-6 model. How much more difficult is a V-6 compared to a 4cylinder?

I just replaced the timing belt on a 99 Lexus. (same engine)

If you’ve replaced the timing belt on the 4 cylinder Camry, Replacing the timing belt on the V6 is about the same. Only you have one extra sprocket to route the timing belt around.


The principle is the same. Instead of two timing marks you now have 3 timing marks. The issue I’ve had with transverse engines is the lack of room to work on. There are places I couldn’t even put my forearm into.

My Pathfinders V6 was far far easier to do then my wifes Transverse mounted 4-cylinder Accords.

The water pump is slightly more difficult to remove on the V6 compared to the 4 cylinder because of the rear timing belt cover obstruction and the two torx studs. The upper timing cover is also more trouble to remove on the V6.

You might check out the instructions either online or in a Haynes manual. If you did a 4, a 6 is similar, but more things to watch. But first make sure you know what’ll be involved, that you have the tools, and that you can deal with what you have to do (space in particular).