Timing Belt-Leaking rack

We recently had a timing belt, along with water pump, serpentine belt and several seals replaced at a well known chain automotive shop. After three tries the belt was replaced but now all of a sudden the rack seal on that side is leaking power steering fluid and we are told the rack needs to be replaced (cost about $700).

Q. Could replacing the timing belt or serpentine belt have damaged the rack seal?



What is your make, model and year of car, and how many miles are on it. What repair work have you done sso far on it?

2001 Camry 100K miles before the timing belt just regular maintenance, tires oil transmission, plugs etc. No “repairs”

Before the timing belt job it had never leaked a drop of anything.

Well, no. It does seem odd that whenever a car goes into a shop, it suddenly comes out needing $500 worth of work. Sometimes, it’s sabotage. Other times it’s just something the worker noticed that was happening all along. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on. If the rack has just a little seepage and you don’t have to add fluid any more than once a year, most people will let it go.