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Water Pump problems

Ok, I had the timing belt and water pump replaced on my wife’s 2001 Toyota Sloara about 2.5 years/30,000 miles ago. First the back story of my problem is as follows. Recently I have been told by a different mechanic, other than the one who preformed the original timing belt/water pump service. That water pump looked as if it had been “taken apart and glued back together”. Also the same mechanic told me that the reason for my continuing oil leak from the valve cover was that it was incorrectly changed and the wrong “putty” was used when the valve cover gasket was changed. This was the third time V.C. began leaking since it was changed a year ago at said timing belt mechanic and reason for the visit to a new mechanic.

So my problem is who or what to believe. I have a 30,000 mile old water pump making lots of noise and leaking a good amount of coolant. I tried to contact the owner of the original service shop but not yet spoken to him directly about my problem. Prior to this I had nothing but good experiences with this shop in regards to my 91 Nissan pickup truck. But as soon as I take my wife’s car in I have had nothing but problems.

Am I getting ripped off or is the new shop just after my business.

ps. the price I was charged for the “New Water pump” was $50.00 during when the timing belt service was done.

If the water pump is driven by the timing belt, and it is leaking, then you need to get it replaced and maybe a new timing belt also. The coolant is not kind to the belt and could severely shorten its life.

When the water pump is driven by the timing belt, a lot of people recommend changing the water pump when the belt is changed. I don’t believe that this is necessary, especially with a Toyota and when the coolant is changed out according to the maintenance schedule. I’d consider it when the belt is changes and the vehicle has over 150k miles and then always use a new pump from a Toyota dealer.

If the pump is driven by the serpentine belt, then I’d really question why the pump was replaced when the timing belt was replaced.

Agreed, my real concern is why a water pump that has only been in use for 30,000 miles is leaking badly already. I am leaning towards it being a POS refurbished pump or it not being replaced at all as the second mechanic suggested.