Rack and pinion repair

I have a 1991 Camry, 152.000 miles.rack and pinion replaced 3/08, and power steering pump replaced 11/07. Leak from power sterring has increased over last 6 months… Mechanic now says that rack and pinion needs replaced again. No major issues except can see by the spots on the driveway that something is leaking. I have just been checking the levels and replacing the fluid as it goes down. Is there something else wrong?? Is it normal that rack and pinion needs replaced after 15 months?? This is an independent shop who has done some good work for me in the past. Quote for this repair is about $300. All and any responses appreciated

Before looking at the rack & pinion assembly and power steering pump as being the source of the leak, the power steering hoses should be checked, and even the power steering pressure switch mounted on the rack & pinion assembly.


It’s possible that a reman steering rack could start leaking at a young age. A lot depends on the condition of the rack when it was rebuilt and who built it.

You should get another opinion or two on this before authorizing anything.

About the only place a rack can leak is either at the rack seals on each end (covered by the rubber bellows), at the pinion seal, or at the hose connections.
The latter could be leaking IF the shop did not replace the rubber O-ring seals when they changed the rack the first time.

Without knowing what part of the rack is leaking, or alleged to be leaking, that’s about the best I can offer.

thanks, I will call the mechanic and ask these questions.