Timing belt and water pump on '02 Hyundai Accent

What is a ballpark estimate to replace timing belt and water pump on '02 Hyundai Accent?

diy or dealer or independant mechanic or shade tree guy down the block or some over swollen chain store?
600 bucks to 900 bucks would be the range I would expect to have someone else do it for you, parts and tools and manual if you do it yerself.
you can price the parts at any parts store, but I advise you to shop around as prices vary considerably from place to place. You cant exepect to get junk yard parts for this one though. ha ha.

$300-$700 dependent on your geography and type of shop.

Sad, Hyundai’s very cheap to buy buy very $$$$ to maintain with those ridiculous 60k timing belt changes. Thankfully they have moved onto the timing chains in their recent cars from bottom end to upper end.