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Am I getting a fair estimate?

I went a new shop (new to me) and was told that I would need a new timing belt for my 2009 Hyundai Elantra, which has about 108,000 miles on it. That was not a surprise. The guy I spoke to said that I should probably get a new water pump and two new drive belts as well given that will probably need replacing soon as well, and that it’d save labor costs in the end. He quoted me about $623: the timing belt for $190, the drive belts for $64, the water pump for $99, and the labor at $270.

This garage was well-reviewed in the Mechanics Files (thanks, guys!), but I’d like to check in about this price anyway. Thanks.
Paul gives an estimate range of $550-$800 for that work on your car (based on labor rates in my zip code), so your mechanic is in the right ballpark.

That’s a deal. If it is a trustworthy shop know for good work then I would take it.

Sounds a little on the low side to me, in the Seattle area that job would be close to $800.

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That estimate sounds very reasonable.
Definitely replace the water pump, as they suggest.
Also replace any pulleys in there as well.

The coolant should be drained to replace the water pump. If it is drained, it might as well be refreshed. Is that in the quote? I think you got a fair price too, BTW.


Good to go.


I too agree that this is a good price. Go for it.

The estimate is more than fair. Make sure you replace that water pump with the timing belt just as @JoeMario recommends.

The estimate is very good. My car has 60k and am going to change the belts. I had already done the coolant flush. The dealer said they are just going to inspect the water pump not necessarily change it. I got below $500 quote from the dealer in rural VA area. Do you guys have any suggestions what else I should ask them to change while they are at the timing belt?

Sadly you need to increase the cost of this job because not replacing some timing belt related items will cost you dearly in the long run.

The timing belt idler and tensioner pulleys must be replaced as well as the front crankshaft seal. This will add about 160 dollars in parts and no additional labor to the job.

Thanks rattlegas for the response. They said they are going to replace timing belt, drive belt and another belt that I dont remember its name. I will ask them about the items that you mentioned.


Never mind that the water pump appears to be okay

Just replace it now, along with the belt

Not replacing it is false logic, in my opinion

In addition to what the other guys mentioned, I would also have the cam seals and crank seals replaced

Now is the time to do it

Wow. What a great response. I’m so glad to have some reassurance that I’m not being swindled. I’m pretty naive to car repair issues so having this forum helps a lot. Thanks.

Most timing belts are replaced around 100,000 miles, and replacing the water pump is recommended at that time. For the Hyundai, the timing belt would be replaced at 120,000 miles. Why wouldn’t it be a reasonable risk to wait and replace the water pump at 120,000 miles?

Edit: never mind. There is another Hyundai timing belt post with replacement at 60,000 miles. Since this car has 108,000 I agree that replacing the water pump now is a good idea.

Thank you guys for the response.

This thread got confusing. First we were addressing a timing belt on a car with 108K miles on it, and then we began to reply about a different vehicle for a different person with only 60K miles.