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Timing belt/ac issue?

I recently brought my 99 Honda Civic in to have the timing belt done. Before dropping it off the air conditioning worked perfectly, after picking it up the ac doesn’t work at all. This seems a bit to much to be a coincidence. Could something the mechanic did while replacing the timing belt have effected the ac?

The serpentine belt–which drives the A/C compressor–had to be removed in order to replace the timing belt.

It is possible that the serpentine belt was not properly reinstalled.
Or, it is possible that the electrical connection to the compressor was dislodged.
Take it back to the mechanic!

I agree. Take it back.

Something wasn’t put back together correctly, or wasn’t connected. EVERYTHING should work just the way it did before the timing belt replacement, and the mechanic should be more than happy to make it right for you.