Timing Belt replacement - 98 honda civic automotic

After I replace the timing belt, water pump on my 98 honda civic auto. While my car is still on the jack stand when i turn the engine, my car accelerate on its own to the max so i had to turn the engine off. After couple minutes later i try to start the engine again but its doing the same thing. Can someone tell me what could it possibly be, or whats did i do wrong?

I think it is likely that you somehow screwed-up the electrical connection to the Idle Air Control motor (IAC). However, that is just a guess from afar.

Is the check engine light on? That might be a clue. Whether it is on or not, reading out the ECM’s diagnostic codes would be a good first step.

Did you have everything in the engine compartment all put back together first? Especially anything that could cause an air leak. For example if you don’t have the path from the air intake to the intake manifold, all the rubber boots and baffles in place, etc, and airtight, this could be a symptom.

Everything was already all put back together? And no codes? hmmm … well, if the valve timing is way off I guess this might could happen. Maybe double check the belt alignment procedure to make sure you did it correctly or it hasn’t slipped.

I believe there’s a ground wire that’s between the engine and body that’s removed to make replacing the timing belt easier.

If that ground wire was removed, make sure it’s reconnected.


If it ran fine before you took it apart, you need to go back over your steps and mark settings.