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Timing belt/ac

i just had the timing belt replaced in my 2000 toyota rav4. a few days later i turned the ac on and the green light started blinking after a few minutes. i brought it back to the mechanic and he told me that replacing the timing belt and the ac are unrelated. is this true? i know the timing belt repair is a huge job and it was working prior to bringing it in. is it a coincidence?

they are not the same and perform different functions in different places…when replacing the timing belt is highly recommended to replace accessory belts, tensioners, water pumps in some cases…

It is true that the timing belt is not directly related to your ac belt. The timing belt keeps the cam shaft sync’d with the crankshaft. The ac belt drives the ac compressor using the crankshaft for power. Could very well be a coincidence.

Others seem to connect a blinking green light with the AC without a problem, Is this a light that should be constantly on when AC is engaged? (what happened to the normal blinking blue snowflake).

So yours is blinking,what do you think it means? AC inop? is your AC inop? Have you given the underhood area a inspection? The mechanic says unrelated,does he offer to fix it for a fee?

thank u for your responses. i am satisfied enough to think that it was a coincidence. i just thought that when replacing the timing belt and other components, including water pump, that maybe something was dislodged on the ac.

I think that the flashing light means that the compressor belt is slipping. While this is not the timing belt, it is a belt that your mechanic had to remove to get to the timing belt. I think it is more than coincidence. He should have put new accessory belt(s) on when he did the timing belt. (He also should have put a new water pump and checked/replaced all the idlers.)

Blinking AC light on a Toyota means a failure is detected. Very possibly related to work mechanic had to do to replace timing belt,get diagnosis,the longer you wait the harder to put the blame accuratly. All is not well

i brought my car back to the mechanic. he checked the compressor belt but it was fine. he then vacuumed the ac out and added new freon. the ac runs a few minutes and then the compressor shuts down. any ideas?

need to run a diagnostic on the A/C system that is unrelated to the replacement of the compressor belt. That includes the leak test, pressure on high and low sides, level of oil and compressor fluid in system, etc. Compressor shutting down is usually an overheat situation to keep from damaging the compressor.