Time for regular service

I have 2002 volvo xc v 70. I cant get the service light to go off. I do all my own service because I live four hours from the nearest volvo dealer. this time for regular service meseage is makeing nuts.


check the manual…I can get rid of mine by pushing the odometer button when I turn on the ignition to access. position…hold and watch the odometer click down.

I have put the key in the frist postion. Pressed the odomiter reset. then put the key in the second postion. Thats should reset it. I have done this five difernt ways and still wont reset.


Volvo has made your task difficult by requiring you to go to the dealer to reset the light with a special tool. Good luck.

On my S80, you push in and hold the trip odometer button while turning the ignition on. Release it when the light blinks. May be different on yours. I suggest you go to volvoforums.com and check in the appropriate vehicle section for your car.