Engine Not Turn Over, after I try reset the "Car need service" message

My car worked 100% fine directly before I tried to Reset the “your car needs regular service”, which has displayed for long time. I then tried to start car but it would not turn over. Sound of trying to turn, all Display Lights On, Indicator etc., then after couple seconds no display or other lights, indicators etc. I know the display error Reset procedure made me turn the key on and off several times without starting the car itself, like I was “flooding” the engine and I guess that Display Error Message Reset process has obviously done something….HELP PLEASE

Not sure you are using the right terminology… turn over means the starter will spin the engine when the key is turned, or the start button us pushed. The rrrr rrrr noise. If the engine turns over but does not start and run.

That said, is the rrr rrr noise getting weak, or slower? The battery may need charging or replacing.

I can’t go any deeper here because I don’t know anything more than this is a Volvo XC90. No year, no mileage, nothing. Answer these questions and we can explore further.

The “service” light was telling you to take care of your car. Instead, you chose to ignore it. The car finally gave up and laid down to die.

The battery failed. It must have been very weak for it to no longer be able to start the engine after resetting the maintenance light.

thanks ! Jump start worked…