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2006 Scion-Service light reset

How do you reset the service engine light on the '06 Scion XB after doing an oil change and lube?

I guarantee that it’s in your owner’s manual. So is lots of other really important stuff.

But, I copied this off another forum…it should work:

  • Step 1 - Turn the key to the ‘on’ position. Using the trip meter button, toggle the LCD display until ‘ODO’ is displayed.
  • Step 2 - Turn the key off. Now, push and hold the trip meter button. While holding the trip meter button, turn the key to ‘on’.
  • Step 3 - While you continue to hold the trip meter button, you will see on the LCD display 5 small dashes and they will begin to ‘count down’ rather quickly.
    *Step 4 - Continue holding the trip meter button and once all the dashes have been cleared, the LCD will display six zeros (000000) - release the trip meter button now - and then the LCD will display ‘ODO’ and your current mileage. At this time, your ?Maintenance Required? light has been reset.