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Tight gas pedal in Acura TL has me on the brink

I’ve been driving an Acura TL 2002 for several years now and it’s been an amazing car. I love it in almost every way except for the gas pedal. It’s always been on the tight side but I could handle it until a few months ago.

Recently I had an unfortunate accident in another vehicle, hurting my right knee. Ever since, I’ve been pretty much unable to drive the car with my right leg (leading to some dangerous experimenting with the left one and borrowing of other people’s vehicles…) I would love to keep the car if I can.

Is there anything that can be done to soften the gas pedal?

Thank you all!

Talk to your mechanic about it. It may be a crimped accelerator cable that you never knew about. It could be a bad throttle body that, until now, just didn’t register as a problem. It could be a throttle return spring that was modified from standard. OR, it could be the natural state of things for this model and a softer return spring will improve this situation for you.

This is a real ‘hands-on’ fix that cannot be done through the internet, I fear.

This may be too radical for your situation, but keep in mind that there are places that can put in hand controls for the disabled.