Tiger's wreck

Well said Whitey. I think the demand creators are worse. Few times I watched, I felt sorry for Jerry Springer’s guests. Life deals them every dirty card and the audience enjoys the freak show. We’re better than them or let’s tear down the famous - same thing. By the way, what does activate OnStar? It has to work for rollovers too.

You’re right, Whitey. If nobody bought the National Enquirer, they wouldn’t be following the celebs around. Guess I should just stick to NPR…

Maybe Tiger doesn’t pay the yearly fee for OnStar.

Why wasn’t he driving a Buick??

[b]Wonder if that Escalade has already been hauled to the crusher… :slight_smile:

If Arlen Specter is put on the case, we’ll find the real truth-probably something like the car was run into by a magic tree that made a couple turns into the right side of the Escalade after jumping from the Texas School Book Depository-a perfectly normal occurence.[/b]

You might enjoy this:

[i]Investigators Still Piecing Together Weird-A## Clues In F###ed-Up Tiger Woods Crash[/i]

“I guess the only thing more outrageous is that this has been a major news item for over a week, and that people feel like they are entitled to know the private details of public figures’ lives,” Tolliver continued. “No matter which way you shake it, that’s f###ing nuts.”


This video was taped before the “real” story got out:

I heard him referred to as Lion Cheetah.

Wanda,did a good job"Hell hath no fury.,"-Kevin

Tiger is history. He can’t even get a Kool-Aide sponsorship. Professional Golf is about Corporate sponsorship and the big boys have all kissed Tiger good-by. With TV celebrities, image is EVERYTHING…

The public is now getting used to celebrity infidelity. They’ll get over it.
And there’s no big cover up. That’s what can really bring hurt (see Nixon & Clinton)

He could always do prophylactic commercials.