Tiger Woods in surgery with leg injuries after car crash in California

No it isn’t. You were commenting on THIS accident…Not some hypothetical accident. Tiger WAS wearing his seatbelt.


At any rate (maybe we can end the seat belt dialog) it seemed to me the Sheriff was accessing the black box for information on speed, braking, and so on and had to wait for the analysis. He didn’t say so exactly but that was my impression. Skid marks I think are old technology.


There is a dashcam video from another vehicle showing his vehicle a few minutes before the crash. He was going with the flow of traffic. First officer on the scene said he did not show any signs of impairment, but he was focusing on keeping Tiger talking and conscious. He was wearing seat belts.

Tiger does not have any memory of the accident at this point in time, which is not uncommon for accident victims. So far, no videos of actual crash and no witnesses have come forward, but you can be sure that there were victims as that is a pretty heavily traveled road and the video minutes before showed quite a bit of traffic.

I resurrected this thread to post that the cause of his accident was–apparently–speeding.
80+ in a 45 mph zone

He’s lucky the injuries weren’t worse, but I’m glad they didn’t find anything else to be a factor. Apparently speeding (up to that speed) is pretty common there from an article I read after the story broke…

“Sources tell TMZ” etc. speeding. “stepped on the gas instead of the brake”

What the (L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.) does NOT know … if Tiger was conscious when he lost control and careened down the embankment.

It doesn’t really matter but I’m not sure I would take this TMZ report to the back. Another one that got his feet tangled up or got confused at 80 mph. I just don’t really believe a lot of these news organizations anymore. But like I said it really doesn’t matter, could have been worse.

Did you just confuse TMZ with a real news organization?

Edit: I just read the article posted by @VDCdriver, and it does credit TMZ for the information. I heard the same things on the evening news. As I recall, the accident occurred early in the morning. If Woods did fall asleep at the wheel, I wonder what he was doing to be so tired first thing that day.

Well yeah lots of folks think they are news sources and just report what they are told. These were “sources” from the LA Sheriff’s Dept. But later on just didn’t think they did too much except check the black box and check for drugs. Two things though, the confusion of the foot on the gas again-as the fall back for lots of accidents, and the rapid increase in speed. Of course the car doesn’t know if the wheels are now in the air and not on the ground so that could be the reason the speed appeared to increase as the car crashed. So just some holes in the story, on not telling or knowing the whole story. I’d just rather they would say they don’t know instead of attributing everything to speeding. But like I said it really doesn’t matter what happened.

They do know. Sheriff Alex Villanueva issued a statement indicating excessive speed.

The passive restraint module (known as the black box by those unfamiliar to automobiles) continuously records data while driving, the data is over-written while driving unless there is a crash. The data for 30 seconds before the collision is available to investigators.

The damage to the vehicle is somewhere between a fender bender and a plane crash, how can anyone account for this much damage at 45 MPH without stating “I don’t remember”? If you don’t remember then you can’t confess (advices my layer).

This is how people treat courtesy vehicles. I have seen many courtesy vehicles arrive at the dealer after golf tournaments, none were overturned by celebrities that had no concern for bicyclist or pedestrians that share the road.

That’s funny.