Tiger Woods in surgery with leg injuries after car crash in California

Seat belts?

And your point is… :question:

California EMS said some celebrities do not wear seat-belts and gain more serious injuries.

Where did it say that in the linked article?

It’s not as much what the article actually says, its more what you want the article to say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Darwin was right… especially when it comes to celebrities, apparently. :face_with_monocle:

I don’t know about seat belts but when I hear “a one vehicle accident”, rightly or wrongly I make certain assumptions until facts are published. Speeding, fell asleep, drugs, alcohol, seat belt, weather conditions, who knows? A fairly severe crash if he had to be cut out of the cabin and looked like it went down a ravine from the TV anyway. Seat belt or not, that would have been a wild ride.

Not in the article.
When I was taking care of a patient in Newport Beach, paramedics there said many celebrities do not wear seat-belts. Often when they ride in chauffeured limousines they do not use the seat-belts.

Princess Diana likely would have survived had she been wearing her seat-belts.

We had two librarians die in an airport van when the cabbie went down an embankment on the way to the airport. The van was intact. The librarians would have survived had they been wearing seat-belts. The cab driver, wearing his seat-belts, was uninjured.

Robert, in case you didn’t realize it, you are now on the list so that anything you say will be picked to death by the resident experts.

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I stand by this statement.


More importantly, who cares?


It looked like a suv. Not a car.

Yep, it’s the new Genesis SUV, the GV80.

I just realized that we have never had a spirited debate between @Robert-Gift and @WheresRick. The shear amount of semi-outrageous and outright outrageous claims/theories would be amazing.


I understand some of the comments of each over the years but please explain how the statement “California EMS says that “some” celebrities don’t wear seat belts” is in itself outrageous or dangerous or an unproven theory??? Seems like a perfectly logical statement that I have heard many times by local LEOs concerning young people especially. Certainly it is a statistical fact that some do not wear belts. Sheesh if you are going to argue, why not pick something more outrageous like drum brakes are better?

That is fine.
Glad to explain or clarify.

The NBC evening news (national) reported that Woods was wearing his seat belt. Seat belts and air bags don’t prevent all injuries or even death. They can substantially reduce them though. Woods SUV rolled several times, and the aerial pictures showed it was pretty messed up.


I can see the title now: “The efficacy of drum brakes for delivering blood in the middle of the night.”


Disc brakes be.tter. Drums getoo slippery when driving through flooded roads to rurahospitals. (First I walked through the water to see how deep it got.)

Disc brake wear is easier to check and I can replace them in minutes.

Donchate it when dat happens: You’replacing the front pads when the blood center calls for an emergentransport for an OB MTP (Mass Transfusion Protocol).

(Was it NAPA who threw me out of their store when I asked to buy one brake pad?)

After all the surgeries he has been through no big deal

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