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Tiger Woods in surgery with leg injuries after car crash in California

Group rate and deductible met. If his leg is screwed up though in addition to his back, he may need to resort to the pro shop.

From the report’s i’m reading they’re only speculating at this point but that stretch of road has a problem with speeders. The Sheriff’s department says that the investigation could take a couple weeks.

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LA sheriff’s deputy Gonzalez reported that Woods was found conscious and wearing a seat belt. Tools including axe were needed to free him from the vehicle. – Washington Post

LOL Or you can turn the TV on and get an actual report from the Sheriff himself.

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ABC news lead story last night was tiger. 7 minutes??? Basically his life story. You know his mom really liked him. Nordgren? Not so much. But his divorce settlement was nice.

I’ll buy the beer for it


You missed the joke. WheresRick is the drum brake fan.

And the Sheriff who was at the scene said that Tiger was wearing his seatbelt. So your comment is moot. As usual.


Did you ever hear about Ben Hogan’s car accident? From what I’ve read Hogan’s injuries were a lot worse. And he was golfing again at a very high level within a year. If anyone can come back from this it’s Tiger. Not saying he will, but I’m sure he’s going to try.

Tiger Woods car accident eerily similar to Ben Hogan’s violent wreck (

And not just the drum brake, but the humble drum brake.

Hawthorne Blvd, the crash scene, looks like an easy road to negotiate if you are driving the speed limit.

80 in a 45 isn’t that unusual on that stretch of road, according to law enforcement.

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The curve limits visibility, so someone doing 80 mph and talking on the phone comes up on someone doing 50 and panics…

As I remember the story, a truck coming the other way veered into him, he threw himself in front of his wife - about as unlike Mr Woods as possible.

Shattered bones with a rod and screws, plus punctured skin is no small injury. It will take some time and rehab provided no infection.

No skid lines, so doesn’t that mean he didn’t brake? Maybe fell sleep at the wheel.
The highest risk time to fall sleep are early morning and around 2 PM.

Also, not sure what this means for modern vehicles with all accident avoidance gadgets.

This might be too bad for Genesis, or could be good (advertising you can survive in the car despite bad crashes).

In the helicopter video footage slide marks can be seen before the vehicle passed over the median, this vehicle was sideways at that point. Less than 100 feet after that the rear window was outlined on the pavement, the vehicle had already rotated at this point. From the point the vehicle passed over the median to the resting spot was estimated to be 476 feet. The front of the SUV is quite flattened, the original point of impact has not been revealed.

Valid statement fromy being in EMS and seeing occupants hurt and killed merely because theyvere not wearing seat-belts.

Princess Diana is a perfect example.

Nope, no skid lines with ABS

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I didn’t say the accident was the same…I was comparing the INJURIES.

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