Our 94 Grand Am starts ticking as if the turn signal has been activated. It’s a steady ticking until you actually activate the turn signal, then it ticks at the normal rate of speed with the turning lights all function normally, unlike when it’s acting up. (No lights, but lots of ticks.)

Any ideas?


PS. Incidentally, the radio lighting malfunctioned about a year ago. No idea what the receiving frequency is. Perhaps related?

Can you tell if the radio is on or off? If you have the radio tuned to a frequency without a station, it’ll make all sorts of interesting pops and clicks as the various electrical gizmos on your car work.

The noise isnt relative to the radio. I just mentioned the radio as an afterthought.
The ticking is the turn signal “clicker” running amock. When we actually use them the ticking is normal. When the turn is made and the turn signals stop, then the ticking goes double timing again.
The problem is intermittant and seems to be unrelated to anything I can think of, heat, speed, time, etc.

I’m sorry! I was wrong. It’s a 2004 Grand Am, not a 1994!
PS. What’s a “tag”?

Wow! Looks like I’ll have to take it to the dealer and shell out some big bucks for them to plug it into their computer since nobody here knows the answer. Thanks anyway, guys. sigh
I’ll keep checking for an answer here though.