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Ticking sound when revving up

Hello, I have a 2017 Tucson.

Recently I started hearing a ticking sound coming from the engine compartment. The interval of the ticking seems to increase when I step on the gas. I don’t hear it if I just idle and it seems to start after the engine warms up.

Last oil change was 3 months ago. I take it to service every 6 months. Already booked an appt. with a mechanic but wondering if anyone experienced something similar.

Have you checked the oil level ? Have you had the hood up to listen while someone increases the engine speed to see if you have an idea of where the sound is ?


Tried to record it, the sound goes away towards the end after I let go of the gas.

I had a bad tensioner that sounded similar.

I had a ticking sound on my truck recently that only occurred after the engine warmed up. It was caused by a very slight mechanical interference between a radiator hose and the radiator fan blade. I found the location by using a short length of garden hose as a stethoscope.

Serpentine belt got replaced and the sound is gone :+1: