2016 Buick Encore - Tics

I have an encore 2016. As soon as i give it gas i hear a slight ticking sound, it goes faster the more i accelerate but shuts the ticking off as soon as i let my foot off the gas, any ideas?

A couple of possibilities come to mind: The first is low oil. The second is a spark jumping somewhere from the ignition system. For your car’s sake I hope it’s the second one because the first means your car has been neglected.


Could also be a worn timing chain and guides. Time to have a mechanic take a listen to it in person rather than asking folks over the internet.

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Could be a small exhaust leak, cv joint with some wear, etc, etc. Will be impossible to even make a good guess without hearing it. Some people’s “tic” is another person’s “click”. A sound clip might help narrow the guesses down. Good luck.

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