Tick tick boom?

i have a ticking noise coming from my '04 pt cruisers engine that i can’t seem to trace. it seems to come and go at will and has appeared at various engine temperatures. i’m thinking (or is that hoping?) it’s just the timing belt/chain chafing the cover. the only other thing i can think it would be is in the valve train. i’ve received several different replies to this question from folks on my mysapace groups. one even said it was the cv joints, but i’m positive that’s not it as the ticking speeds and slows with engine rpm’s. what do y’all think?



It may be something driven by the “fan” belt. Take the belt(s) off. Does the ticking cease? Does it tick when the car is moving, or, sitting?

I could be.  Just incase it is the timing belt and that you have an interference engine, then you better find out fast and get it fixed. Loosing a timing belt can do serious engine damage.  

CV's do a ticking sound, but usually only when turning and never when the car is not moving.