2005 cavalier engine noise

My 2005 chevy cavalier just started making a ticking noise from top of engine loudest on passenger side, anyone have any idea what it is?

You can use a length of garden hose as a stethoscope to pin point the source of the noise.

With that description? Pretty vague.

Did you happen to pop the hood and look around? If it seems to be inside the engine, ticking, and toward the top it may be a sticky lifter. Have you checked the oil? Do it.

Your serpentine belt is also on the passenger side & some issue there could create things that could sound like ticking.

Only cold? Only hot? Any time? Changes or not with engine speed? Pop the hood, look & listen & report back w/ more info if you want some better targeted suggestions.

It’s at top of engine feels and sounds like timing chain is hitting the top of the engine, it is ticking non stop, maybe chain has slack in it. Checked oil its good, you can feel the top of engine and feel something hitting there where the timing chain comes up.