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Thunk then rattle (Honda Jazz (Fit in the US))

I was stopped, turning my steering wheel to do a hard turn to get out of my parked position, as I turned my wheel I heard a THUNK.
Then I reversed, got out of park, then went into drive and proceeded to drive to work.
I noticed at every light, when I was stopped with my foot on the break, there was a new RATTLE in the vicinity of the front right tire, where I had heard the thunk. The rattle only occurs when the break is applied.

What could this be? The car is still under warranty, do I need to head straight to the dealership and “not pass Go”?

The Honda Jazz (Fit is the name in the US) is a 2010.
Thanks From NZ

Is this an all wheel drive 4wd vehicle? Doyou have the option of going to 2wd?

If the vehicle is still under warranty bring it to the dealer.

There should be no noise while turning or while stopped with the brakes applied.


It is front wheel drive

I agree to the dealership it should go, however I would like some intel before I go in so if anyone has a clue please pass it along. Thanks!

It’s anybodies guess?

Could be a broken strut spring?


I’ve had similar problems on other cars, but not either of my Honda Fits. It turned out, in my case, to be sticking disk calipers. When the brake was applied the calipers grabbed the discs, but only one of the discs released when pressure was removed. As the car started moving, the stuck caliper’s friction now released, producing the “thunk” sound. And because it is free swinging will produce a rattle. Check the caliper on that side for looseness, too worn pads, and sloppiness of the whole assembly.