Thumping under driver's side floorboard of my 2006 Volvo XC70

I feel a new thumping on my left foot as it rests on the floor of on the driver’s side. It seems to happen mostly when I’m turning the steering wheel, particularly right, and is most prevalent when the car is cold and going in reverse, though it will thump when turning the to the right and when it’s warmer–just to a lesser extent. I have also felt the thump in the gas and brake pedal. It seems to happen less/not at all when I’m going more than 40 mph. The car has 81k miles on it.

Any suggestions about where to begin would be very appreciated.

If you feel the thumping under your feet, then the cradle mount bushings or the compliant bushings on the lower control arm should be inspected.


No need to guess. Get your car up on a lift rack, the kind that raises the car by its wheels, not the frame. Inspect from underneath.

did you run someone over??? Maybe they’re still there?


I agree with @SteveF. Get it up on a rack and find out for sure what it is. Do it soon.

Thanks. I had it in and they put it up on a rack and only saw that the exhaust hangers were cracked. That was fixed. Still thumping. Taking it back tomorrow.

They couldn’t replicate the thumping–odd because it happens pretty much all the time. I’ll ride with them tomorrow.