2017 Escape thumping noise in steering wheel

Update !! Ok, so I am new here, and didn’t realize I could edit my original question. I posted a new revised question with different newer info. This apparently pissed off the car talk gods, who made my second post disappear. So I am updating this post since I figured out how. My 2017 Ford Escape is making an intermittent thumping under the drivers side floor. It will thump a couple times and quit. Then do it again randomly. I noticed today when sitting still, that it does it when I turn the wheel hard to the left or right. Feels like something thumping under the floor near my left foot. Any ideas? Thanks guys. Hopefully the cartalk gods will deem this edit worthy.

It could be that you have a broken exhaust hanger and a loose exhaust pipe hitting the bottom of the floor.


Have the left sub-frame bushing inspected for wear.

It’s located under the floor near your left foot.



So, I drove it home. Made a couple stops. It only did it at super slow stop and start speed.
Feels and sounds like a rotating thump, but only once or maybe three times. Then it quits. Almost like a fan belt slap under my left foot. Or something similar. Sometimes a hard thump. Other times a soft thumping. Weird.

Ball joint, tie rod ends, stabilizer bar bushings and links, strut mount, spring, strut, control arm bushings, control arm, subframe and its bushings.