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Unknown rumbling noise

I drive a 99 Saturn SL2 that now makes a rumbling/vibrating noise from the front drivers side while driving. The noise gets louder as I go faster, and is related to the revolution of the tires and not the engine. It gets louder when I turn right and quieter when I turn left. The CV axle and wheel bearing have been replaced without any fix to the noise. The car rides straight on the freeway if I let go of the steering wheel. The tire was also swapped without any reduction in the noise. Any suggestions as to what is wrong? Thanks a bunch.

It could be the tires getting bumpier as they age. They could all be doing it. I have no clue except to ask things like whether or not the tire pressure has been changed, or if it did it last Summer. No need to answer on my account.

“The tire was also swapped without any reduction in the noise”. Perhaps the noise isn’t coming from the drivers front side.

I have two sets of tires for my car, one winter and one summer. When the noise started to occur with my winter set, I put on a tire from my summer set and the noise still occurs.

I have had the same problem 2 weeks ago, noise turning right - silence turning left. Changed left wheel bearing, problem still there, changed right wheel bearing, problem gone.

You may want to check the strut mounts to see if there is any looseness. I would not totally rule out the chance of an exhaust system problem.

If you replaced the shaft and bearing on the driver’s side and it is still making noise I am going to wager that it is a passenger front wheel bearing.

I too am going to bet on the other wheel bearing. These are classic symptoms.

Understood. I’m sticking with my original suggestion though. JMHO is all.

Thanks for the help. I changed the passenger side wheel bearing and the noise went away. I guess I was in denial that the noise was coming from that side of the car or couldn’t accept that the noise/turning issue wouldn’t be the reverse if the bad bearing was on the passenger side. My radio has a low setting again, thanks.