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Thumping noise from front wheel?

Hey all, have a 2006 Saturn Vue 2.2L 4cyl, manual, with 41k miles. There’s a sound coming from the right front tire area and I can’t figure it out. It’s gotten worse over the last few months. Sounds like something’s loose, but I don’t know what. I’ve jack it up, beat on the tire and other areas around the control arm to try and re-create the sound or diagnose. No luck. Everything seems tight. Castle nut hasn’t budged, not the lug nuts either. It’s definitely worse when I’m coming out of my rocky driveway, but it does it on the road as well. It’s kinda driving me crazy. For context, I hit a curb really bad about a year and a half ago and I replaced lower control arm, sway bar and links. My kids are in it so want it to be safe.

Here is link of video with me backing of driveway and into road. Any thoughts/suggestions are welcomed! Thanks!

One suggestion.

Never use the microphone in an Iphone to record car noises.

Because they SUCK!

If you want to record car noises on an Iphone?

Get a descent microphone.


In contrast to the unhelpful response, I’d suggest the strut mount may be failing. If the noise you hear sounds like wood blocks flopping around underhood, the mount is a good possibility. If that strut has been leaking, the knocking noise could be created by a failing strut, too.


Thanks for the actually helpful response. Strut makes sense…it’s the only thing I can think of but I’m not the most experienced with noises, so this is very helpful. Thanks Mustangman!

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Thanks for the helpful advice for my actual issue…

… and, if you have to replace the strut, you must replace the front strut on the other side, along with the defective one. Otherwise, the car’s handling/roadholding will be compromised.


An 06 anything with 41k miles sounds like it should be in decent shape. Unless you damage it by hitting a curb. My vote is for new strut. Then see how it performs.
Common to have failed wheel bearings too. And abs light.

Then since you can’t determine what the current problem is why is this thing not in a front end shop ?

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Well my kids aren’t really in it right now…trying to get it fixed first. And like most people I’m trying to avoid the high shop costs!