Thumping car

I have a 2000 Saturn LS2 that started making noise a few months ago. took it in to get some other stuff fixed, mechanic said the noise was from cupped tires from worn out shocks. I then had a friend of a friend (airline mechanic) replace the shocks for 1/3 the price the car mechanic quoted (also replaced a broken spring). thumping a little worse, but ride felt better. I got two new tires and was planning on an alignment but TiresPlus said that the strut mount was shot and alignment wouldn’t last. Still making the thumping noise. Noise is worse when turning right, better when turning left, speeds up with car speed. seems to be coming from driver’s front tire area. Of note this is the side with the broken spring. Does Strut mount make sense for the source of the problem? will replacing these stop the noise finally? and how much should this cost in Minnesota?

I don’t know what they cost in Minnesota (most of the cost is labor and that varies by area), but yeah, a strut mount makes sense for these symptoms. Once that gets replaced you’ll probably need to replace the cupped tires (once cupped a tire will never ride quietly again unless it’s trued…and frankly, nobody has this equipment anymore…for good reasons). After this work is done the alignment can be done. Since the car is 10 years old they may even find something else worn out that needs doing, so be prepared. Just be sure they show you whatever they claim needs doing.

replaced the strut mounts and it is STILL thumping. any other suggestions?