Thumping in engine of Ford Freestar

While idiling, my Ford Freestar (2007?)gives a thumping noise. It sounds as if I have some music playing and you are hearing the bass outside the van. It isn’t continous. It is kind of a thump thump, then idles about 30 seconds, then thump, then idles for a minute etc.

Possible engine misfire? Is the check engine light on?

“my Ford Freestar (2007?)”

You honestly don’t know the model year of your car???
Hint: Take a look at the vehicle registration, which will display this information.

If it is really a 2007 model, and as long as it has not passed the odometer mileage limit, your Powertrain Warranty will cover the diagnosis and the repair of this problem. The dealership will ignore (rightfully so) any diagnosis that you offer, so just bring the vehicle in for warranty service and report the symptoms.

Of course, this is based on the assumption that it really is a 2007 model. I suggest that you verify the model year and the odometer mileage, and compare this information to your warranty coverage prior to seeking warranty-related diagnosis and repair.

The year is 2003 if you can believe that…