2013 Ford Escape - Thumps

thumping on rough roads and turning right and left sometimes coming from engine rea.

What is an engine rea? How about giving us more info on your car and your problem. Model, engine, mileage, new tires lately? Or never?

model 2013 Escape Ford 2.0L Echoboost 76,000 miles - Struts replaced, new tires at 75,000 miles - This car purchased from a Chey dealer and hood painted due to several chips, new tires and battery along with total check-up and detailing. Today had it in for the thumping which appears to come out of the front end when on a gravel road or sometimes turning left or right usually in the cold or cool weather. Today had it into the dealer’s service department, Temperature in the upper 60’s and no noise when driven with the Technician. This is a Canadian built care due to the daylight running lights, my best guess. Vin Number 1FMCU9GXXDUAO5404

Not going to do you any harm most likely but you really should not list your VIN and it is not needed here anyway.