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My 2005 Ford Freestyle sounds like an old sewing machine

I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle Limited AWD and there is a loud ticking noise at idle. It seems to quite a little when put in gear. Any thoughts?

With Engine Problems It Is Important To Specify Which Engine You Have.


If You’ve Got The 3.0L 4-V Duratech With The Exhaust Cam Driven Water Pump Then Ford Just Might Have A Procedure To Deal With This Complaint.

With an automotive stethoscope the origin of the sound is confirmed. The valve cover on the left bank of cylinders is removed and also the camshaft caps. The caps are reinstalled following special instructions and torque sequence and the cover reinstalled.

A couple hours of labor should handle it.


3.0L Engine ?


Yes it has the 3.0 liter Duratech. Thank you for your help I will get it in and have them do that work.

You’re Welcome, But As I Mentioned Previously, Have Them Diagnose And Verify It First. Let Them Assure You That The Repair Will Solve Your Ticking Problem So That You’re Not Wasting Time And Money.


Thanks again will do!