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2005 freestar making an intermittant

moaning noise, becoming more frequent.

I would just get the teenagers out of the back of it.

Seriously though. If you want some suggestions or advice for the problem you need to provide as detailed a description of your problem as possible. This post doesn’t describe anything at all.

How many miles on this vehicle, where is the noise coming from, and under what conditions does it occur?

Does the moaning occur when the steering wheel is being turned at low speed, i.e. backing out of driveway? The tie rod ends may need lubrication. Since there are no grease fittings on the tie rods, the options are:

  1. Replace them ($$)
  2. When this occurred on my wife’s 98 Windstar at 55- 65k miles, my mechanic was able to lubricate the tie rods using a needle fitting. The tie rods were quiet when the van was sold at 99k miles.

More info is needed.

Ed B.


The way that you have posed your question is similar to someone telephoning his doctor, saying “I have a pain somewhere in my body. What is wrong with me?”

Unless you can localize the noise, and can give us some indication of the circumstances under which you hear the noise, you will not get any answers that directly address the problem.

Sorry I did not provide more information. Freestar 2005 has 024110 miles. Noise was first heard about 3 years ago, started the car in a parking place, backed out to left and it stopped. Did not hear it again for a year or more then just a few times and far between the times. Recently was coming out of a parking place turned to left, noise began and lasted only a few seconds. The sound is somewhat like what tires make on some high ways only much louder. Same day was driving straight down a street at about 45 mph, moaning noise started and lasted about a block.
It is hard to tell where it is coming from, but is on passenger side, sometimes sounds like front of car and other times sounds like near the back.
The brakes were checked by Ford dealer and found no problems. Turning the steering wheel right or left does not stop the noise, going slower or faster does not. Cannot tell any specific action that starts or stops it.
No teenagers in our car, in our later seventies.
We do know this is happening more, can drive it one day and no noise. The next day it might or might not happen again.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

The first thing I’d check is the power steering fluid level. That is the most obvious unit under your hood that will “moan” when the fluid gets low.