Throwout bearing question

I have a question for a clutch expert out there

I’m mating a 92 Taurus SHO engine with a 98 Ranger 3.0 transmission for project car of mine.

I have a question on the throwout bearing. Can i use the Ranger throwout bearing against the SHO pressure plate?

It has a different face but lines up against the fingers of the SHO pressure plate.

any advice?

thanks in advance


here is my project if anyone is interested:

The question is out of my league, but I love the project! Being an old British Leyland ragtop fan who atill loves to get pushed back in the seat, you are building what to me will be a dream toy.

What’d you have in mind for a rear end configuration?

I have a ford 9inch rear end out of a Lincoln Versaille that i will cut down to fit.

not sure how yet, but thats the plan. I’m not going to worry about that until i get to it. How hard can it be?? :wink:


I wouldn’t mess with it. If it doesn’t work you won’t know it until you try to drive it…and then you’ll have to do the clutch job all over again.

so wouldn’t mess with it means keep the Ranger throwout bearing in there and see if it works?

or wouldn’t mess with it means i should figure out a way to attach the SHO throwout bearing to the ranger transmission?

sorry, confused on your answer


You need to consider the entire geometry of the clutch. Not only must the bearing fit the clutch fingers, the DISTANCE between the bearing face and the fingers must be correct. Otherwise, the bearing will not release the clutch when the clutch pedal is fully depressed OR the bearing might be pressed into the fingers even though the clutch is fully released…Is the “Nose” the bearing moves on, the part covering the transmission mainshaft, are these the same for both transmissions?? If they are, it probably work. If they are different, longer, shorter, different diameter, you have a problem…