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Clutch Problems - Throw-out Bearing?

Just replace my clutch master cylinder because I was losing some pressure in my clutch pedal and could not get it into gear. I had a clutch kit put into my truck about a year ago.I bench-bled the entire clutch assembly. I put everything back together and I have pressure once again and can shift. The problem is now when I press on the clutch pedal to shift I get a whining noise. Is it the throwout bearing?

Very likely.
What year is this Ranger and how many miles do you have on this clutch?

It is pretty likely that you need to replace the clutch plate and the throwout bearing along with it. You might as well, since most of the cost involved is labor. The parts are relatively inexpensive.

If the noise disappears when the clutch is fully released and occurs as soon as you depress the pedal, it’s the throw-out bearing…

It is a 2001 with about 110,000 miles.I had a clutch kit put in at 100,000. Who knows what type of work the mechanic did. His shop is closed now. I know he didn’t put a new slave in because I asked him why he didn’t when I picked i up and he said he didn’t need to. What an answer right.

Since the clutch plate was just replaced last year do you think I should replace it again or just put in a new slave w/ throwout bearing? Is this job easy enough to do for a weekend warrior? I done a lot of reading and watched some videos on how to replace the throw out and clutch assembly.

Will driving around with a throw out bearing that is going out cause any further damage.I don’t think I’ll be able to work on it for a few weeks.

Why do you think you need a slave cylinder? You possibly could replace that without pulling the transmission, but it doesn’t sound like your problem.

You need to pull the transmission to do the bearing, that’s why it’s not much more work to do the clutch plate at the same time, but since it only has 10k on it I would probably not relace it.

I’ve seen people drive around with a failing throwout bearing for far longer than a few weeks. Just go easy on the clutch, don’t make any long trips, and you should be fine for a few weeks.

The release bearing is a “thrust bearing”. Its load is along its rotating axis. Basically, the only time the outer “race” and the inner “race” are spinning relative to one another is when the flywheel (to which the pressure plate assembly is bolted) and the tranny input shaft are spinning at different speeds, and the only time it"s under axial load is when it’s pushing the pressure plate levers in. Both of these conditions only occur during shifting or holding the clutch in. As long as you’re cruising along with the car in gear, or sitting at the light with the tranny in neutral and the pedal released, the bearing is not doing anything nor is it under load. You ahould be fne for the next few weeks as long as you go easy. And don’t hold the pedal in at stoplights.

The reason I was thinking of replacing the slave too, was that my slave is internal(inside the bell housing). So since when I had the clutch kit put in and the knuckle head didn’t replace the slave I thought it might be a good time to do it.