Replacing throw-out bearing on a 2003 nissan frontier

hoping to get some advice, semi-detailed instructions, ideally a few photos demonstrating how to do this. i have the ability to accomplish the task, but have never done something like this before. i may or may not already have all the tools i will need. what will i need?

if money weren’t a concern, i might just pay somebody to do it. but it is and i am not opposed to getting dirty, learning something new, and feeling that sense of accomplishment. some of my tools and my jack are 1,000 miles away in storage. ideally, i can find someone in or around tuscaloosa who has everything i need and might be willing to guide me along the way. i can offer my services in trade.

i’ve also some suspension and other minor issues to look into. i’m new to tuscaloosa and will be here for about 6 months. it’d be great to meet like-minded people in the area who like to help each other out. know anybody? any suggestions?


Tranny jack.

Do you have access to one?


unfortunately, i do not. the only jack i have is the factory pos for changing a tire. access to one, yes, that would be nice…

Is this a 4X4?


nae, 2wd, 4cyl. i’ll add that it has 160k and its possible that the clutch has never been replaced. i’m not an expert on feeling when a clutch is worn, but i would say its pretty good, considering. i’m not having any issues driving around town daily. i would say it is a bit stubborn about shifting into gear sometimes, but never slips. the TO bearing is not always an issue, ie, it could be worse. perhaps i could also use a new clutch plate. i really have no idea.

If you were going to go into this because of a throwout bearing problem then you should replace the entire clutch assembly along with the pilot bearing.
It’s pretty much a fact of life that if you don’t you will be taking it all back apart again.
Even changing the engine rear main seal is highly recommended. Murphy’s Law says if you don’t it will start leaking the following week.
Discovering that a few U-joints are getting a bit rough would not surprise me either.

I can’t offer any advice about help in that area but this job can be very tiring and dangerous without proper tools and equipment; especially on a one person operation.
A floor jack can be used to roll a transmission in and out but the problem can lie in making sure that transmission doesn’t wobble itself off the jack onto the person wrestling the trans out.

You won’t just be replacing the release bearing, you will be installing a complete clutch kit and possibly a resurfaced flywheel.

This can be done “flatbacking” (mechanic speak for working without a hoist) but be careful. A helper would be nice. Get a service manual of some sort that gives you detailed step by step instructions or visit a Nissan Frontier web group and plan a weekend and have some fun.

You might have a problem with the clutch master cylinder.

Open the hood and along side the brake master cylinder is the clutch master cylinder. If the clutch master cyllinder starts leaking internally it doesn’t produce enough hydraulic pressure to fully disengage the clutch. So, you step on the clutch pedal, but the clutch is still engaged and you go to shift the gears grind.


yeah, definitely wouldn’t attempt this by myself. replacing the clutch would be a nice thing anyway. i would prefer a different gear ratio if possible.

actually, Tester, it sounds like you might be on to something there. i’ll be sure to look into that tomorrow. things may be getting worse with every post!

not that i wish to totally change the subject, but can anyone tell me why there is a short squeak and a slight jerk when i turn on the air (fan engages), why it also happens when accelerating from a standstill, and why the other day there was a full blown squealing going on? is this directly related to clutch/bearing issue or just a another sign that i should spend $$ i don’t have to let a pro fix my truck before it grows to hate me completely for not knowing better how to love it properly with my own hands?

Gear ratio has to do with the differential at the rear axle and not the clutch.

Your other noise sounds to be like worn accessory belts, especially the one that drives the A/C.

i suspected it may be only a belt issue, but this truck and manual transmissions are new to me, so i just didn’t know for sure. bummer about the gear ratio. it’d be nice to go over 60mph w/o pushing 3k rpm. thanks asemaster.