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Throttle cleaning 2000 Honda CR-V

Hi guys,
After buying a new battery, my CR-V ran a bit rough (learned computer was relearning the mix). Although it runs smooth now.
At 260,000 miles my mechanic rightfully suggested a throttle clean, meaning he would remove the throttle body for a thorough cleaning.
My question is, will doing it the CHEAP way, that is, taking off negative battery terminal, removing only the air intake hose and spraying a liberal amount of throttle cleaner into the throttle body be effective or would you recommend doing it the RIGHT way and paying the mechanic.
I know I could remove the body myself and do the cleaning, but I live in a “Everything Restricted” community and cannot get away with doing all that.
Just taking off the hose might cause a stir among the Lexus (no offense to sane Lexus owners) crowd.
As always hanks guys and gals.

I have no idea what you mean by that remark. Why should a Lexus owner or any other brand care what you do to your vehicle?

Because Lexus owners in gated, restricted deed, communities are much like Jeff Dunham’s Walter. Have nothing more to do than complain to the HOA about other residents.


If it idles smoothly, perhaps you could just ignore it. Otherwise I would have the mechanic do it the correct way. I would rather have chunks of carbon on the work bench than being sucked into the engine.

Thanks Purbred. That is good advice.

Volvo V70, my apologies if you were offended by my remark. I should not have picked on Lexus, but if you take a look at Purebred’s perfect comparison of the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s dummy (is that the correct PC term today for a ventriloquist’s “dummy.”), to my Lexus remark, I think you’ll get my point.
Thanks again Purebred for advice.

usually the throttle plate is held open and you clean the throat bore with a solvent rag. you can than sorta wipe the throat and the backside of the plate than. some manifolds get carbon build up in the ports from the pcv routing. the 2001 accord v6 i had was known for this. but the crv might not have that issue.

All my 1999 Civic ever needed was a solvent, rag and toothbrush one time a few years back. Be careful to use a solvent that won’t dissolve any factory coating on the throttle body. I don’t know how to know for sure, but I used a “sensor safe” spray.

Here is a detailed look at how a throttle body is cleaned including a funny and helpful video. “Step one, go in the house and get your wife’s toothbrush…”