Cleaning the throttle body correctly

I just tried cleaning the throttle body myself and am happy to see that the I no longer have the sticky accelerator problem. I used Deep Creep and wiped up as much dirt as I could around the butterfly valve and as far in as I could. My question is that I was told when I started the car after the cleaning, that I would see clouds of smoke. I see nothing. The spray can I have looks like it would be good for another 10 cleanings like this. While I cleaned up front, should I be spraying in a ton more D.C. into the back part of the throttle body to do a complete cleaning?

If you solved your problem, spray no more. Smoke is not required, probably indicates using too much.

Are we working off the idea this if a little was good then a lot more should be great? Really if the throttle stickyness is gone ,your job is done.

K. Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing cleaning the rest of the body and impacting performance. Thank you.

If you addressed your concern you can quit now…BUT wouldnt it be fun to spray more?..C’mon…VROOOM VROOM VROOM…POOF POOF POOF…Arg! LOL…people love to overdo it… You can stop now. Sorry…

The proper way to clean the throttle body is to remove it, but I find that having someone hold the gas pedal to the floor while cleaning the back side of the throttle plate and the interior part of the bore with a paper towel soaked in throttle body cleaner (or Deep Creep) works just about as good.