Throttle body installation

I need help installing my throttle body. I know where a few things to it go, however I don’t know all… Had someone helping me but they can’t anymore. I didn’t remove it so idk. I know it isn’t that hard but it is confusing if you don’t know how… So how to install it? What goes where? I have a Lincoln town car. V8 4.6…can’t seem to find any pics specific to my vehicle. Thanks. Update: it’s a 93… And I’ve tried manuals. No luck.

It’s impossible to provide any assistance when the year of the vehicle is unknown.


I bet there’s a youtube that’ll show you how.

Go any auto parts store and give them the year , make and model.

They should be able to give you a print out of the exploded view.

But if you need info, they also sell Hayes manuals, and Chilton manuals.
This will have all thee info you need.

Besides it will help you maintain this car.
I buy one for every car I buy!!!


Nope I looked

It’s a 2 valve 4.6L. Same engine as a 1996-2004 Mustang GT, I’ll bet there’s a youtube video on how to change it out. The procedure is going to the same for the Mustang, and pre 2005 Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, or Town Car. Any information you find on those will apply to your car.

From what I see it’s just the normal cable/rod actuated type, so you press on the gas pedal there’s a rod and cable that connects from it to the throttle body. Figure out what type of motions are involved with the rod and cable when you step on the gas pedal, and that should help determine how the throttle body is oriented. There’s likely a throttle position sensor and idle air control gadget attached somewhere near the throttle valve. Those will have electrical connectors to attach the appropriate parts of the wiring harness to them. It appears the throttle position sensor electrical connector points toward the front of the engine. To install, from what I can tell here, the throttle body is bolted on to the adapter (4 bolts, 8 ft-lbs, use new gasket), then the throttle position sensor is connected, then the throttle cable/rod linkage. Make sure the throttle valve moves freely and it seats cleanly in the bore before you install it of course.

Thanks guys.