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I remove the injectors and the throttle body position sensor not working

I simply removed the injectors. Once removed I noticed my throttle body position sensor wasn’t working anymore. I put the key on and touch the pedal and the throttle wont open, it’s just dead. I don’t know what happend. I put the injectors and everything back as it was and tried to start the engine and it just stall right after. P.s one of the injectors as no seal

I believe you have an 03’ VW Golf with the 2.0 engine? I am going with what I THINK I remember about your former posts.

To perform a throttle relearn follow this procedure: (If Year, Make and Model are correct)…

With the engine off, push the accelerator all the way to the floor. Then turn your key to the ‘on’ position do not start the engine…wait at least 10 seconds. Take your foot off of the accelerator and then turn off ignition and remove the key. Then test…

See if that works

Yes exactly thank you I’ll try this when I get back home

It needs a seal.