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Throttle Biwire

How do I find out the manufacturer that provided the throttle biwire part for a 2007 Dodge Caliber? Mine has started to act up and I am wondering if there is a connection to the Toyota recalls.

In what way does yours “act up?”

At first I thought it was bad gas, cause I would accelerate and the car would falter then pick back up and go. At this time, my electronic throttle indicator light would flash on. So yesteray I took it to my mechanic and he ran the diagnostic and said that my throttle biwire needed to be replaced. I wanted to see if Chrysler used the same biwire manufacturer as Toyota.

There are two main parts to throttle-by-wire or Electronic-Throttle-Control systems. One is the gas pedal that has a set of sensors that indicate pedal position. The other part is the throttle body on the engine that has a motor that opens an closes the throttle. Toyota is having trouble with the gas pedal assembly. From your description, you are having trouble with the throttle body. I don’t see that as related.

It’s ‘throttle by wire’ and each manufacturer designs and integrates their own system.

Can you get a price to repair from this mechanic with the assurance that he/she will eat the cost if the part doesn’t fix the problem?
If not get a second opinion.