Threw a puddle and van died


Hi drove threw about 10" water after a down poor just creeped thewin our 90 ply grand caravan . It started to choke and shudder and died about a mile away spent the night,long night in it while storms raged on. tried it several times over the next hours but just turn over but no go. In morning used some starting fluid in air intake and it fired right up. Could the patched cruise control wires on the speed sensor cause the van to quite after they got wet? The engine did not seem to get wet. Then drove it 2500 miles back home no other problems.


Prabably had water up dthe exhaust pipe and the engine could not breath. Between the time you waited and the starting fluid, it got forced out and everything went back to normal.

Water in the exhaust pipe is usually what will stall an engine in a puddle.