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1998 Dodge Caravan

My van kills when I stop. Sometimes it kills when I am driving, why? I put $10. of gas in it when I was near empty. I had my fuel pump and filter changed about a month ago.This is something new that it started doing. Help

I would be concerned about the engine dying while driving. If the the check engine light isn’t coming on then the trouble could be a faulty fuel pump relay or an intermittent ignition switch possibly. The problem could also be with the igntion system. It really helps to know what is working correctly while the problem is occuring to eliminate possible trouble areas and pin down the bad area.

Howdy, consider adding a can of sea foam to 4 gallions gas as it cleans out fuel system real good. Have ya ruled out a vapor leak? hear any hissing or sucking sound at idel? Cruise control work? Had a leak there an my 96 was stalling.

I have a 97 Grand Caravan 3.0. It was randomly and gracefully stalling with no codes. I found a post elsewhere from a “mechanic” that was similar. I fixed mine with a new crank position sensor(cps). It took about 35 bucks and 30 minutes to do myself. It started @ 80K miles and hasen’t stalled in the 30k miles since.

I think the term you want to use is “dies”, when you say your van “kills” it makes me think of a Steven King book.

What motivated you to do the inital pump and filter replacement?

Are you up on maintiance items that affect how the engine runs?

Have you done a visual inspection? looking for broken wires,hoses,electrical connections or parts falling off or loose?