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Three problems with Certified-preowned 2006 Forester LL Bean Edition

I purchased a 2006 Forester LL Bean Edition April 2009 with 62,391 miles.

1) Recall: one way fuel valve was removed since then first a hissing sound now a sound like air leaking comes from location of gas tank inside vehicle (rear passenger side) with a full tank of gas.

2) On cold start, intermittently, automatic transmission lunges/jerks sometimes with noise, from 15mph to about 35mph, during shifting. Once driving up a long steep highway with even acceleration, transmission shifted about 8 times.

3) I have had 3 alignments and vehicle still veers to the left with steering wheel positioned dead center.

I have taken the vehicle to 3 dealers and all three problems still exist.

Vehicle is out of 2000 mile warranty. I have an extended warranty which I purchased yet think that Subaru should buy this vehicle back from me. I am concerned about many future problems.

Check with the Subaru Zone Manager. You need arbritration to get the best deal. Stay away from the dealerships. Lemon laws are in place to help you. Keep all documentation dealing with the vehicle problems to strengthen your case.

Lemon laws do not apply for a used vehicle with 62k miles.

The key question is it a Subaru certified vehicle or dealership certified sale? I can sell my private car and call it “certified”.