2009 Subaru Forester - lemon?

I’ve been a Subaru owner since the late 1990’s. This is my first Forester. I bought the car new (another first), and it now has +/-65,000 miles. I’ve nearly paid off an expensive A/C compressor clutch repair from a couple of months ago. Now the car is making a VERY LOUD rumbling noise when I press the accelerator. The car rattles when it idles. I thought it might have something to do with the muffler, because of the loud, low, rumbling sound, but the noise is definitely coming from the front of the car. The car hasn’t lost any real power, it’s always been a bit sluggish. I live in a very rural area, with about a 2-hour drive to my mechanic’s garage. Can anyone offer ideas as to what the issue(s) might be? Do you need more information?

I can only guess it’s something with the compressor acting up again, but it could be anything, you need to have it looked at ASAP.

Thanks. I’m hoping to find a reliable mechanic a bit closer, and am currently working on that. I purchased a new car with the idea that I’d have few problems. I’ve already spent more $ on this car than my previous '93 Legacy.

Lift the hood and listen to the engine while someone presses on the accelerator. Make sure the car is in park or neutral, of course. If it is the compressor, replace it. Whoever rebuilt it got something on the clutch plate and it is slipping. I had a similar issue on a 1987 Ford Taurus. But my car was a real lemon (I think your car is too old to qualify). I had a similar situation, and replacing the compressor solved it. It really was fun watching the service writer’s face when I showed up with the car that last time. He looked at the computer screen (after I contacted Ford to notify them) and his eyes were as bug as saucers. The problem was that my car sat on the dealer’s lot for too long and the compressor seals dry rotted. I tried to tell them that, but they were much too smart to listen to me.

This problem could be an exhaust system noise, maybe a heat shield or something along those lines.
It also could be something related to the compressor repair. (Loose compressor mounts, loose compressor clutch, problem with a belt tensioner or idler, etc, etc.

That’s very strange that you would have a compressor clutch problem on an '09 Subaru with only 65k miles on it.
Just curious of course, but what were the symptoms that led to this compressor clutch diagnosis?